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Terms of Service

Rules & Terms

After I receive the commission form, I'll review it in at most a week's time. Once accepted, I will reply with the "accept request" and "price detail". I will also send out my so the commissioner can directly pay or, if  the commissioner chooses to do so, they can reply with their PayPal's email for invoice.

I have the right to decline any commission form that I see unfit for my expertise.

Half or full payment needs to be made before starting the sketch. After the sketch, the other half need to be paid if they didn't already before continuing the process. Progress will be done live on Twitch and pictures will be sent out as much as possible. 3 revisions are available for sketch, but after beginning the lineart phase, there won't be any revision related to the drawing, only color adjustments.

I have the rights to upload the picture in any of my social media. If the commissioner wishes to share their commission outside of my social media, credit for the piece would be highly appreciated.

If the commissioner does not respond in a week's time, the commission will be cancelled and I'll proceed to the next one in queue.

If the commissioner wishes to cancel a commission, they will be refunded 50% of the commission's pricing if the cancellation occurred during the sketching process; otherwise, no refunds will transpire. 

Commercial and priority fees will be discussed in private if applicable. 

Patreons' commission form has priority to be reviewed before others.

Prices and Rules are subject to change.

Commissioners need to be aware of the Do's & Don't's before submitting a form. 

Do's & Don'ts

Yes yes

Cute Anime Girls

Original Characters

Game Characters


No No

Muscle Men (Barazoku)

Heavily Armored Characters or Mecha

Elderly Characters

Furry Characters (Anthropomorphized) 

NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

Landscapes (Commissions without Characters)

Violence or Gore

Thanks for submitting!

Commission Form
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